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RELATIONSHIP: 6 Special Ways A Man Should Treat A Woman

Gentleman: if you want a relationship with a woman that glorifies God, read this.

 Here are six ways a man should treat a woman, according to God’s Word.

  1. God’s Way

If you search the internet right now, you can find a ton of relationship advice on how a man should treat a woman. But what this advice tends to lack is the importance of God in our relationship decision-making. Gentleman –when you allow our Heavenly Father to influence your relationship, true love follows. When it comes to love, the Bible is mostly filled with wisdom for husbands and wives, many of these same principles can be applied for singles on their relationship journey. If you want a relationship with a woman that is respectful and glorifies God, allow Him to guide you.

  1. With Respect

“Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect…” 1 Peter 3:7

Respect is one of the most important factors in any relationship, especially in the eyes of God. It is so important that God’s Word tells us if we neglect this command, our prayers will be hindered. Respect can mean many things. Acknowledge your special lady’s excellence and self-worth through acts of consideration. Help her whenever and wherever you can, especially when you notice she’s in a position of need.

  1. With Gentleness

“Do not be harsh with your wife” Colossians 3:19

A man should treat the woman he is with not only with respect, but also with tenderness. Harshness can be anything from an angry look and irritability to disrespectful and demeaning language. In short, being harsh is anything that reflects hostility. We all have bad days, but whatever you’re going through internally should not be taken out on the woman you’re with. If you focus on the fact that she is not only a precious gift to your life but also a precious child of God, it’s hard to not show her respect.

  1. Focus

“Do not be captivated by other women” Proverbs 5:20

Our world is filled with many distractions and many forms of temptation. With shifting standards when it comes to modern dating, many men struggle with this, especially when they’re not married. But God wants more for you. God wants you to focus on the one person you’re with and not be captivated by other women. When you begin to look at other women and develop attractions for them, it takes you down a path of sin and away from the relationship. If you put that distracted energy into your wife or your relationship, imagine how strong your bond could be?

  1. With Praise

“Call your wife ‘blessed’ and praise her.” Proverbs 31: 28-29

A man should acknowledge the woman he’s with for all that she is. Don’t take her for granted. Praise her. Compliment her not only for the things she does or the way she looks, but also for the things she provides. When a woman doesn’t feel appreciated, it opens the door for trouble within the relationship. Sometimes, all she wants to hear is thank you and know that you treasure her. The woman your with will appreciate the fact that you appreciate who she is in your life.

  1. With Honor

“Honor your marriage; keep it pure by remaining true to your wife in every way.” Hebrews 13:4

God wants you to honor your relationship by being committed to the woman you’re with. We are reminded through Scripture that lustful looks are considered adulterous (Matthew 5:28). Honor the woman you’re with physically, mentally and emotionally by remaining true to her. When a man sets his eyes on another woman who he is not in a committed relationship with, it only takes away from your relationship and God’s will for your life. When you honor her, you open the space to experience a love many others will never experience.

  source: beliefnet.com

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  1. Even though you are yet to get married [which I know will happen soon], your in dept knowledge about relationship and marriage are always on point , Kudos. I am learning a lot from you

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