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63 thoughts on “MUSIC: Judikay-MORE THAN GOLD | Download |

  1. I love this song ,and it inspire me in life ,to remember ,that I have all in life since I have God

  2. It makes me feel that even if I don’t have gold,I have something worth than gold.i really enjoy playing it over and over again

  3. If there’s anything right I did,is when Jesus came to my heart as the Lord of all.Ever since then, I’ve got something more than gold.

  4. its gives life to things that are dead and it’s a privilege to children of GOD to know that Jesus is more than what they are going through right now no matter the case may be

  5. Beautiful & a great powerful song #Believe….. My lord Jesus Christ is risen & His more than gold put calls.

  6. Oh my god mercy have made a promise to god that ones am back from were i am, you most the there to song all this lovely song of God…thanks so much and may my god bless you more

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