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My husband couldn’t propose to me, he rather told my mum – Ceccy Twum Confesses

It’s been twenty-one (21) years of marriage and Ceccy Twum, a famed gospel musician would take her fans down memory lane on how the journey started.

The silky-voiced songstress in her interview on ‘Restoration with Stacy’ disclosed that she was a teenager when she was walked down the aisle.

According to her, Prophet Alex Twum who she has been married to for over two decades now, made his intentions known to her mother when the subject had not come up for discussion in their [Ceccy and Alex] conversations.

“I married at age 19,” she said. “My husband and I were in the same church. I was a singer and hadn’t even prayed about marriage. My interest was in singing.”

“He didn’t talk to me about marriage. He rather told my mother. So I asked why he had to tell my mum when I’m the one he’d marry.”

In the interview monitored by GhanaWeb, Ceccy Twum reckoned her husband’s action was premise on the fact that her mother would have to give her consent before the marriage could see the light of day.

“I think the reason he rather told my mum was the fact that I was very young and so even if I say ‘yes’ to him, my mother would have the final say,” she remarked.

After the news got to her mother, she engaged her in a conversation and asked why she would want to marry early instead of waiting a little longer and “experience life”. Although she understood her mother, she thought the time was ripe except that she never dreamt of marrying a man of God.

“I never thought of marrying a pastor. I didn’t want to be restricted; I wanted a free life. Till date, if you try to restrict me, I become worried. But my husband isn’t an oppressor. He gives me the room to operate; it’s been very helpful,” she noted.

source: ghanaweb.com

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