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9 Things Marriage Is

What exactly is marriage? It’s defined as a union but that’s just the beginning. It’s a union of love, devotion and loyalty. It’s a connection between two people that cannot be duplicated. It’s a feeling inside that can turn your worst day into your best day. Here are nine things that marriage is.


Marriage is having a partner to stand by through thick and thin. It doesn’t matter if your children are driving you insane or you’ve had a tough day at work – your spouse is always there to lift you up.


Marriage is being content. Whether you’re sharing a meal together or watching TV, you don’t want to be anywhere else but with that person. Their presence makes you whole.


Marriage is making memories. You receive joy from sharing old jokes that you’ve told over and over throughout the years. Or maybe you love it when you talk about the time you first realized you were in love. You can’t think of anyone else that you would want to share these blessed times with.


Marriage is stepping out on a plank. There are no reserves because you’re giving it your all. It’s a risk worth taking because the person you’re with is worth it!

Good and Bad

Marriage is taking the good and the bad. There will be times when you think that you’re going to lose it but you’d rather take the bad along with the good because the good outweighs the bad.


Marriage is compromise. You give and you take but you never do just one. Both parties are willing to sacrifice to make the other happy.


Marriage is real love. You still get butterflies when your spouse smiles at you. When you get a loving text from your spouse, your eyes lighten up. You find your own smile growing wider when they give you a compliment. The love is unconditional and waking up to them, every morning, is absolutely perfect.


Marriage is having faith. Faith in knowing that this person is committed to you for better or worse, for life. Faith that your spouse will stand by you, no matter what. And faith that you will receive unconditional love.

Letting Go

Marriage is letting go. Letting go of your inhibitions, letting go of your fears and letting go of your insecurities. Marriage gives you the opportunity to tear down all of your walls and be a version of yourself that only your spouse knows.

CREDIT: beliefnet.com

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