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Shemafest (Sound of Heaven) By Nana Kofi: An Unforgettable Christian Event

In the bustling city of Accra, Ghana, a remarkable Christian event called Shemafest (Sound of Heaven) is set to captivate hearts and souls. This maiden edition, hosted by the talented Sampson Baah, popularly known as Nana Kofi, promises to be an unforgettable experience. With an impressive lineup of guest artistes, an energetic dance group, and a divine venue, Shemafest is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Christian community. Let us dive into the enchanting details of this anticipated event.

Taking center stage as the host of Shemafest is the renowned Sampson Baah, known by his stage name Nana Kofi. With his magnetic presence and unwavering devotion, Nana Kofi is set to lead the audience on a spiritual journey like no other. The event will be held at the esteemed ICGC Believers’ Temple in La, nestled behind the Trade Fair/LADMA offices. This sacred location provides the perfect backdrop for a night of celestial melodies and worship.

Shemafest is scheduled to take place on Friday, the 30th of June 2023. The red carpet will be rolled out promptly at 4 PM, signaling the beginning of an evening filled with divine encounters and heavenly music. As anticipation mounts, attendees will witness the convergence of extraordinary talent and profound spirituality.

The stage will come alive with the melodious voices of renowned guest artistes who have dedicated their lives to spreading the message of faith through music. The line-up includes the gifted Min Kofi Owusu Peprah, Min Kweku Teye, Min Oliver, Ps Sam, and Min John Okeyere. Each artist brings their unique style, anointing the atmosphere with harmonies that touch the depths of the soul. Additionally, the ICGC New Breed Choir, renowned for their awe-inspiring performances, will grace the stage, further elevating the worship experience.

Shemafest (Sound of Heaven) By Nana Kofi: An Unforgettable Christian Event
Shemafest (Sound of Heaven) By Nana Kofi: An Unforgettable Christian Event

Complementing the musical extravaganza will be the mesmerizing Y4C (Youth for Christ) dance group. With their impeccable choreography and vibrant energy, they will add a visually captivating element to the event. Their synchronized movements will amplify the spirit of praise, encouraging attendees to participate wholeheartedly and engage in exuberant worship.

As the date approaches, anticipation for Shemafest reaches its zenith. The Christian community eagerly awaits this unprecedented gathering, eager to immerse themselves in an atmosphere where the sound of heaven will resound. The event’s purpose is not only to entertain but also to create a platform for individuals to connect with God on a profound level, strengthening their faith and igniting a revival in their hearts.

Shemafest (Sound of Heaven) is poised to be a transformative experience, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attend. With the dynamic host Nana Kofi at the helm, an awe-inspiring lineup of guest artistes, and the mesmerizing Y4C dance group, this maiden edition is destined to be a catalyst for spiritual renewal. As the red carpet is unfurled and the melodies of worship fill the air, attendees will embark on a celestial journey, encountering the divine presence in an unparalleled way. Shemafest is more than an event; it is an opportunity to be enveloped in the Sound of Heaven, a gateway to a deeper and more profound connection with God.

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