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Gospel Musician, Kingzkid Says He Can’t Do A Collaboration With A Secular Artiste | Video|

Gospel musician and rapper Kingzkid, known in real life as Emmanuel Yoofi Esuman Mensah has revealed that he will never have a song collaborating with a secular artist, saying; “No, I can’t”.

In an interview with Maame Yaa Boakye (Misis) on HRE TV, the 30-year-old gospel rapper said his aim is to win more souls for Jesus Christ and collaborating with secular artiste won’t help his vision in any way when quizzed on any collaboration with other secular rappers in the industry.

He said a gospel song should drive its listeners to Christ, if it doesn’t it is a mere inspirational song.

How many of the secular artiste have surrendered their lives to Christ after a collaboration with gospel musicians, he quizzed on the show and reaffirm that, if it does not win souls for Christ, it is not gospel music.

Adding up to the sufferings of gospel artiste after performing at programs especially churches, he said, non-payment after programs is so disheartening as some pastors don’t even plan for their transportation lest talk of their crew.

Kingzkid who is currently on FP 2020 tour is set to release his third album in March this year.

His tour is aimed at winning souls for Christ by visiting schools, preaching and rapping, entertaining and winning them for Christ.

He has many songs to his credit including, I got my Jesus on, shoe shine, sentimental and many more. He also has collaborations with musicians such as MOG, Kobby Salm and others.

Kingzkid, one of Ghana’s finest Urban Gospel artiste and has won many awards including Best International Act at Gospel Academy Awards 2019. After 10 years of being in the industry, Kingzkid has won 3000 souls for Christ.

credit: Maame Yaa Emefa Coffie

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