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Pastor William Boateng is a young but anointed and vibrant minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with a prophetic unction. He is the President/Founder of the Joshua Generation in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is honourably married to Minister Dorcas Boateng. He’s been in the ministry for more than a decade now and has pastored for two years with several dumbfounding miracles, testimonies, signs and wonders. As part of celebrating his years of quality experience, knowledge and wisdom in ministry, he shares with the world this timely advice to Young Pastors and Ministers. Anyone aspiring to be a great leader in this fast-changing world can key in to it.

These are points you can learn from:

1. You will not be an effective minister if you only open your bible when you have to prepare a message. Be a student of the word and you should read the word daily.
2. You should live what you preach because your life speaks a louder message than your words. Be a leader by example.
3. As a young Pastor if you want go far in life and ministry be humble and teachable.
4. As a young minister, I have come to understand that, the more a man commits to God, the more God commits to him. God is always faithful 
5. As a young minister you will make mistakes on the way of the journey but you must learn from your mistakes and not repeat them.
6. Never be intimidated because of your age! God knows why he called you that young. The earlier your start with God the earlier your journey starts. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you are too young to be used by God.
7. Ministry is more spiritual than physical; Ministry is not for show but it is a battlefield.
8. As a young minister you need a father who will guide you, correct you, direct you, teach you and cover you.
9. Never compromise to sin; God is not searching for perfect people, he’s searching for imperfect people to make them perfect.
10. Somebody, somewhere is depending on you to do what God has called you to do! 
11. Young minister, awards and platforms are NOT always a direct sign or attribute of God’s approval/blessings. Strive for excellence but make sure Jesus is the main focus and reason in all that you do.
12. Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them, people can easily forget
13. Learn to celebrate other ministries, you are not in competition with anyone; We should all strive to make it to heaven.
14. As a young minister I have learnt to forgive those who hurt you; otherwise you will be bitter…
15. As a young minister alway
s remain focus on your assignment because the devil will try to distract you 
16. Be careful how you treat people based on what someone has said about them. You might be hearing a lie.
17. Ministry is not easy! It is very complicated with many things. It is a very long journey. We either do it God’s way or we don’t do it at all.

source: https://web.facebook.com/william.boateng.12

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