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Official AUDIO + Lyrics: CalledOut Music – Ọ Ga Di Mma (Feat. Nolly)

Calledout Music has released his ROOTS EP, “O Ga Di Mma” is one of the tracks. He features Nolly, (the son of the most high) on this. Lyrics and translation is attached.



Written and Produced by CalledOut Music

Mix/Master – Whiteblock Group


Verse 1

For every pain there’s a purpose

Every dawn dawn there’ll be sunrise

See that’s just how it goes

Every story has a writer

So no matter how the wind blows

You’ll be okay Chorus So There’s

No need to cry (O ga di mma)

You will be fine (don’t you worry)

You will smile again (O ga di mma)

Things will fall in line (don’t you worry)

Verse 2

You’ve been waiting for a miracle

A miracle to come your way

What the Lord has for you is beyond your wildest dreams

Its gonna work in your favour (x2)

As long as God is involved oh I’ve come to tell you

Rap : Nolly

Nwanne kedu ife n’eti gi

(My brother/sister what’s making you cry)

Welu hanky clean your eyes

(Take a handkerchief and clean your eyes)

Ficha anya mmilli (Clean your tears)

Nothing in this life is worth stealing your joy

So when you’re going through tough times

Cheta na Jesus Christ loves you like oginidi

(Remember that Jesus Christ loves you like crazy)

Odigihi adigide o Nwa mgbe nta

(Problems don’t last forever they’re only for a moment)

Ebezina na Chukwu nonso and He day onto your matter

( Stop crying , God is close and he is on top your matter)

And don’t you ever doubt his love for you

He died on the cross to give you the victory And o ezi okwu

(And that’s the truth) Ighotago (You understand)


E chekwala nsogbu gi (Don’t think about your worries)

E bezina Chukwu ga za gi (Don’t cry, The Lord will answer You)



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