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MUSIC + Lyrics: Oteng III ft. Joe Kay & Tooth.-IN THE BUILDING

Urban Gospel act, Oteng III features Joe Kay & Trooth on ” in the building...” Holy Ghost is in the building of believers.

(1 Corinthians 3:16)
So we are acknowledging the man behind the wonderful works in us as individual believers and when we meet to fellowship: the soul transformations, the healings and the countless testimonies. It’s a classic joint.


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Holyghost is in the building
Can’t you see that God is working
Spreading salvation and healing
Setting every captive free
From the claws of enemies
Holy Ghost is in the building.
1st Verse, Oteng III
We be spiritually dangerous mysterious we claim for us, evil spirits don’t bargain with us. We free captives for eternal life visas, His spirit in us we be Christ Ambassadors.
HolyGhost filling every mind that be clouded with fears ever wiping every eye that be soaking up in tears. And repairing broken souls as we never letting go as you rendering futile what devil conspires fire quenching evil powers that would manifest regardless.
Breaking every barrier to the womb that was fruitless.
Consoling every hopeless.
Seizing all the countless
Strongholds as you be the strength for our weakness.
Your glorious presence disproof mythologies bout the risen Christ
Cos so much testimonies when
we meet to worship you in spirit and in truth we find fulfilment solely only in you.
2nd Verse, Joe Kay
I just wanna Acts 2
Do you spit fire on this day like its Pentecost. I’m spiritfilled I came with the Holy ghost. Trust in the Lord so I’m walking on water.
Set up the furnace, I came and I walled in it. They say Holy ghost in the building, what you thinking of? Its all about your body.
Oh! You didn’t know? Your body is a temple that Jehovah own.
1 Corinthians 6:19, realization I’m a vessel in Christ.
Overly due mehn, I’m spreading the message. Nyame honhom na ɛma yɛ so sɛ gya. Omo dwane dwane Bonsam dwane dwane
Sɛ yɛ bom yɛde mpaebɔ no mane mane. Still bare feet but we walk in the spirit. They said they heard I’m a menace. Of course to the demons I’m a savage.
Cos every single soul I see as a treasure to God.
3rd Verse, Trooth
I can feel the fire in the building
And it’s really burning and burning and burning, burning.
This kind of fire no be ordinary
It’s the power of the holy ghost manifesting in my inside
Already mo sofun yin pe
Mo gbona feli feli
Ti oba ri mi lori telly
Oro Jesu ni mo carry
Edakun e malo jina Jesus nikan lolugbala. Enikeni to ba sonu
Oye koma sare pada
I brag in the power of the blood
It can liberate. Breaking every chain. Devil doesn’t even stand a chance. Better take a stance
You cannot be sitting on the fence
Are you with the lord, or you’re busy following the cash
The Messiah is the only way to heaven. Nobody can go to Elohim unless you follow him. Better believe and receive eternal life. While you’re still alive. You may never get a second chance. Focus on the word

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