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MUSIC + Lyrics : Edwin Alex- EZE NDI EZE – Ft. Chris Morgan, Ema Onyx and Yadah

Eze Ndi Eze is a brand new hit by foremost Nigerian gospel music minister, stage performer, songwriter and praise leader Edwin Alex featuring Yadah, Chris Morgan, and Ema Onyx

Edwin Alex, popularly called the Melody Ambassador, is a multiple award-winning gospel singer, dancer, songwriter, philanthropist, author and a lover of God.

He is arguably one of the most successful gospel experts emerging out of Africa in recent times, he’s the crooner of the popular single, titled, “MOST HIGH” produced by the Eezee conceptz, which left everyone wondering and speechless.

His unique blend of intimate worship, praise, high-class visuals, and his energetic style of ushering congregations into the presence of God is affecting lives worldwide.

He is out with a new single that would marvel your mind and spirits, titled “EZE NDI EZE” Which means KING OF KINGS” he didn’t do this alone, he featured some award winning stars, CHRIS MORGAN, EMA ONYX & YADAH.


Eze Ndi Eze is available for download and streaming in all digital music stores worldwide and is accompanied by a live video performance.

DIGITAL STORES LINKhttps://snd.click/gs8r


Eze NDI Eze(king of kings)
You never change
For all you have done
Nara ekele (receive the praise)
Eze NDI Eze (king of kings)
You are still God
For all you have done
Riwotito (take the glory)

Behold the Lord our God
Has shown us his glory
Has shown us his greatness
And we heard his voice
From the midst of the fire
We have seen today
That God speaks with men
And he lives in me…

Rpt chorus (2x)
Eze NDI Eze(king of kings)
You never change
For all you have done
Nara ekele (receive the praise)
Eze NDI Eze (king of kings)
You are still God
For all you have done
Nara otito (take the glory


Eh eh
Chimo (my God)
Onye meworom ihe maranma(he does good things)
Chioma me(my God)
Onye meworom ihe dinma(he does good things)
Ome udo(giver of peace)
You feel my heart with so much Peace & joy.
Onye nzoputa eh(he who saves me)
Nara ekele(Receive all the glory)

Repeat chorus(2x)

Ema onyx

Eze NDI eze (king of kings)
Ka ndi Eze na kpu isiala Nye(other kings bow to him)
For what you do
For what you’ve done
Nara ekele(receive all the praise)
King of kings
And lord or lord
Mighty Jesus
Onye nemenma chukwuoma mo(the doer of good)
Nara ekele eeh(receive all the praise)

Chris Morgan

Ebube dike(glorious God)
Ebube dike(glorious God)
Eze NDI Eze(king of kings)
Odighi Onye dika gi oh
Obinigwe(he dwells in heaven)
Afor na kpunwa(he who gives children)
Ogaranya dike(the wealthy God)
Eze NDI Eze(king of kings)
Nara otito mo (take all the praise)

(Repeat chorus)

Nara ekene (take all the praise)
You are Eze(king)

(Chorus) Nara otito (take all the praise)
For the life that you gave to me
Nara otito(take all the praise)

Ibu okenmuo(you’re a spirit)

Nara otito(take all the Praise)

Nara otito(take all the Praise)

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