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Question: Question: Sandra from ZIMBABWE asks:

Dear Pastor, thank you for the opportunity to ask my question. You said in the book ‘The Power of Tongues’ that one should automatically start speaking in tongues when you receive the Holy Ghost. What if the tongues do not come instantly? Does it mean that you do not have the Holy Spirit? Is it correct to copy the tongues of other people and make them yours?


No, it is not correct to copy the tongues of other people because if you do that, it would come from your head. When we speak in tongues, the Bible says, the utterance is given to us by the Holy Spirit. So, if you are copying from someone else, yours would not come from the Spirit or even from your spirit it would come from your mind because you memorized it. So, it’s coming from your mind. Now those of us who speak in tongues, we don’t wait to pick what we speak from our minds because the language is not resident in our minds- it comes from the Holy Spirit who gives that utterance to our spirits. All we do is just connect our vocal organs to our human spirit and the flow takes place., you’ve got to learn that: how to look within you, how to contact your own spirit, connect your vocal organs to your spirit and you’d be amazed at how simple that really is.

Now, because I used that term ‘connect’, don’t get lost with it and say, “ok, Pastor says to ‘connect’ them’. How do I connect them?” It’s just your act of faith, in the same way that you received Christ into your heart and now you tell others you are born again. They may ask you how do you know you are born again? You’ve got to give them the word. See? You’re going to say, “I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life and I asked him to come into my heart. And that’s it! He lives in me now, he gave me eternal life and I’m living that life now!” See? It’s your response to God’s word. How simple it is!


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