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Q & A: Are Raffles and Sweepstakes Gambling?-KCM


To fully understand gambling, we first have to understand the law God has instituted for prosperity. That law is stated in Luke 6:38, “Give, and gifts shall be bestowed on you. Full measure, pressed, shaken down, and running over, shall they pour into your laps; for with the same measure that you use they shall measure to you in return.” You can see that the biblical law of prosperity is the law of giving and receiving and is designed to benefit both the giver and the receiver.

Gambling in any form is against that law. It is a form of taking, not giving, and it does not benefit all concerned. The gambler pays money for the risk of winning money. Usually only one, or at most a few, people win, so the gambler is more at risk of losing than winning. That is why gambling is contrary to God’s law. God’s law is guaranteed—there is no risk involved.

Sweepstakes and drawings are a little different in that they do not involve the risk of losing money. However, winning is still purely by chance and should not be used as a substitute for believing God.

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