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EBEN Inspires “Life is…What You Do With It”

Gospel Music minister, Eben shared a lifetime inspiration from the story and glory of His life. He is also talked about how to maximize purpose. Read what he shared on Facebook timeline:


Oh yes the guy on the left was me..
And yes I wore over-sized clothes that I inherited from my late father and my older brother at the time..
Life isn’t just about what happened to you but what you do with it!!
You are not a biological accident..
There’s a reason why u came to this world and it is not just to chase/make money..
What is that burden in your heart and how does it affect humanity positively..??
What is that thing you accomplish with speed and ease?..
What is that thing you love to do whether you are paid or not?..
What is that thing you don’t have to prepare for but can execute excellently?..
FIND IT and build a business around it!!!
No one can give you purpose,you have to find it!!

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