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Characteristics of Bulldog Faith Pt. 4-Kenneth Copeland

4. Bulldog Faith Is Fully Persuaded

“And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.” –Romans 4:21 (KJV) 

At 100 years old, you would have to be fully persuaded to believe you would be the father of many nations! And that’s exactly what Abraham was—fully persuaded.

What does that mean?

Fully persuaded doesn’t mean hoping something is true, wishing to believe it’s true, or liking the idea. It doesn’t even mean thinking it could probably happen. No. Being fully persuaded means you are completely convinced, without a doubt, that what God has said will absolutely come to pass.

How did Abraham stay fully persuaded in spite of an impossible situation? He focused on God’s Word and refused to pay attention to natural circumstances. He wouldn’t allow himself to waver, hesitate or doubt. He didn’t flip-flop back and forth from faith to fear. He stood firm.

You can develop the same kind of fully persuaded “bulldog faith.” Start by confessing the following:

  • “I heartily agree with everything God has said about me in His Word.”
  • “I heartily agree with God’s Word that I am healed.”
  • “I heartily agree with God’s Word that I am prosperous.”
  • “I heartily agree with God’s Word that I am redeemed.”

When you become completely confident, you will dare to believe God instead of natural circumstances. You will come to expect those promises to come to pass in your life. You can walk in the same fully persuaded “bulldog faith” that Abraham did and receive your promise, just as he did.


source: kcm.org

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