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24/7 Doxa Content-8th August-Cry Out “Abba, Father’ (Daddy)

24/7 DOXA Content 2017
TUESDAY, 8th August


Galatians 4 vs
6.¶And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out,” Abba, Father”.-[NKJV]

RELIGION has painted many wrong pictures about God. It has portrayed God as a “hard” being who is waiting to strike your back with a rod if you mess up. Due to this and others, the true loving nature of God is not appreciated by many. However, as a New Creation in Christ, you must graduate from knowing God only by His Name to knowing Him through a relationship. The real Christian life exhibited by Jesus goes much further than mere religious gimmicks and accolades.

God is your father, get this straight ! He gave birth to you in Christ (John 1:12). Knowing God as your Father will transform your entire Christian life. For fatherhood unveils a sense of authority and responsibility. Yes, you can call Him “Daddy”. In our opening scripture the word “Abba” is an Aramaic language which means father in the Greek. In a more deep term, “Abba” refers to what the modern society calls “Daddy”,thus a very close personal relationship. This idea reveals a great sense of intimacy (the father-child kind of relationship). That’s how God desires to relate with His “kids” (Mark 14:36).

Beloved, feel free and at home to call him Daddy when talking to Him. He is your lovely Father, and He always welcomes His sons and daughters even prodigal ones with a large heart and opened arms (Luke 15:20). He has sent the Holy Spirit to attest to the reality of your sonship in Christ (Romans 8:15). The Spirit shows you the legality of your sonship. In other words, He confirms that you are not a bastard. He is the seal to every born again Christian (Ephesians 1:13 ). Cherished one, God is not like a “rude angry boss” or dictator who doesn’t care about your interest in life. Shake off that mentality and call Him Daddy today, because that is Who He is to you. Approach Him as your real Father and pour out your heart to Him. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

My Precious Daddy, thank You for loving me to the uttermost ; thank You for sending Your begotten Son to die for me. Thank You for this lovely atmosphere of intimacy and unfeigned love that binds us together. I am glad to know You are my Daddy and I am your lovely child. I am enjoying all the benefits of being a child of the Most High God in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Enjoy A Blessed Tuesday !

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