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24/7 Doxa Content-16th September- The Atmosphere of Music

24/7 DOXA CONTENT 2017
SATURDAY, 16th September


2 Kings 3 vs
15. ¶”But now bring me a musician.” And it happened, when the musician played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him.-[NKJV]

MUSIC they say is “food to the soul”. Well, the essence of food is to edify or build up your immune system. However, if you are fed with the “wrong” meal, you will destroy your immune system. It’s not every food that is good for your body, so is it for music. It’s not every song that is good for your soul. Music can be defined as “words enveloped in beats or instruments accompanied by singing”. So it’s not basically about the beat, but the words or message of the song. It’s one tool to communicate a message to an audience of different calibre.

The devil has infiltrated the environment with music containing “negative” words or message. Such songs can bring negative effect in your life. What you hear informs you, then what informs you will either transform or deform you. Beloved, there is an atmosphere that words in a song carry. Every music carry a presence, either of God or devil, love or lust, purity or profane etc. Yes, our opening text confirms this ” when the musician played, the hand or presence of the LORD came on Elisha”. Music has that ability to activate love, hope, faith, healing, forgiveness to its listeners. Others too infiltrates sorrow, hatred, lust, wickedness, pain etc.

You must understand the revelation behind every song by filtering it with the lens of God’s word. Therefore, control your song gallery, don’t let the beats or personality influence you to sing along. Because what you usually sing along, you will live along with it. Sing right, listen to better music inspired by the anointing of the Spirit or good news (love, kindness, inspiration, faith, hope,). The atmosphere you create determine the atmosphere which follows you. Enjoy the atmosphere of spiritual songs full of the gospel. The grace of our LORD Jesus Christ be with you always.

I listen right. I sing right. I listen and sing songs inspired by the Word of God and the Spirit. My songs activate a godly atmosphere of the gospel love, goodness, kindness, faith, hope, strength, forgiveness and inspiration. The hand of God is greatly manifested on my life through gospel- anointed oriented songs in Jesus Name. Hallelujah !

Enjoy A Blissful Saturday !

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