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24/7 Doxa Content-8th July-He Teaches You To Profit [School of Profit]

¶ 24/7 DOXA Content 2017
SATURDAY, 8th July

HE TEACHES YOU TO PROFIT- [ School of Profit ]

Isaiah 48 vs
17. ¶Thus saith the LORD, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the LORD your God who teaches you to profit, who leads you by the way that you should go.[KJV]

THE holy Scriptures declares that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants (Psalm 35:27). He delights in prospering you all way round; spiritually, physically, materially, financially etc. This means He is the true Source of your prosperity. *If God is the source then He is the best teacher of profit*. His Word is the only best Book that contains the “syllables” for good success. He doesn’t go outside it to teach His children. *For He doesn’t want you to be ignorant of how to profit or succeed*. Yes, there is prosperity the God’s way, not by dubious or crooked means.

He teaches you to profit, not to lose. To profit means “to gain, succeed, benefit or to avail” in all your affairs. No good teacher wants his students to fail. He teaches by showing you the way you should go through the guidance of His Word and Spirit (John 16:13). It is not enough to know your destination but very importantly the way to get there. For instance, God taught the next successor to Moses,Joshua, how to become prosperous as a leader in Joshua 1:8. This is one of the greatest “revealed secrets” to success that will work everywhere anytime when applied in faith.

Cherished one, God has already given us the prosperity manual teaching us to profit. The question is “are you obedient enough to learn and apply what He teaches you? Beloved, take a cursory look of your life. Are you “profiting or losing”?. If you are losing, then it presupposes that you are not learning how to profit from the Greatest Teacher. Anyone who fully attends this “School of Profit” and applies His “lecture notes” shall never lose but always gain in life*. Stay humble and learn from His ways to success. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

Dear gracious Father, thank You for teaching me to profit. I humble myself under Your tutorage oh Lord. Continue to guide me by Your Spirit in this school of profit. With You as my Teacher, my life is assured for total victory in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Enjoy A Blissful Saturday in Success!

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