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24/7 DOXA Content-14th December-THE PRACTICAL WISDOM

24/7 DOXA Content 2017
THURSDAY, 14th December


Matthew 7 vs
24》”Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock:” 《NKJV 》

THERE are different categories of people in the world. But the basic that cut across in terms of words, thoughts and deeds are two. These are the wise and the foolish. The Bible is full of what charactises a wise man and never leaves that of a foolish man. A wise person is one who believes in Jesus as his Lord, Saviour and master; He has a holy reverence for God. Yes, he is practically guided by the fear of the Lord and walks in the precepts of God despite challenges. A wise person recognises he has a head; thus a Creator and therefore life is meaningless and insignificant without the manual of His creator.

Jesus gives us a powerful dimension of a wise person. He says those who hear His word and put them into practise, not the ones who hear only. Rather, they move from the arena of hearing to applying what they believe from the word of God. Thus, a wise person takes the words of Jesus as a guide to live his life practically on this earth. In his dealings with God and neighbour, his first and final preference and references is rooted in the words of Jesus. Applying the word of Jesus will bring life and honour in your life. Wise men in the order of Jesus are those learning by hearing (knowledge) and practising (application) from Jesus no matter what.

Such folks can stand in the day of adveristy. They can stand when the winds, waves and storms of life blow against them (Matthew 7:25,26). They will not be perturbed because they are building and relying on the unfailing words of the Master. Cherished one, are you practising the words of Jesus or just hearing them as a mental assent? Your true wisdom only manifests in what you practise daily through the revelation and illumination received from the words of the Master, Jesus. This is the practical wisdom which can impact generations. The grace of our Lord Jesus abounds towards you in all things. Amen!

Dear Glorious Father, I thank you for the impact of Your word which reveals to me the significance of hearing and applying the words of Jesus Christ in my life. My words, thinking and actions are patterned according to the Lord Jesus. I choose to live His words in revelation and illumination of His Spirit in Jesus Name. Amen.!

Enjoy A Triumphant Thursday!

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