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24/7 DOXA Content-9th December, ALL-ROUND PROSPERITY

24/7 DOXA Content 2017
SATURDAY, 9th December


Psalm 1 vs
»»3c.And whatsoever he does shall prosper.-[KJV] «« ||

IT IS ALWAYS expedient we look continually into the word of God and find out what the scripture really says about the New Creation, accept it and live it out. Religion, traditions and several experiences of men shouldn’t be our standard for living. Many are of the view that “you win sometimes and fail sometimes” in life. Thus, they proclaim “win some battles and lose some because you can’t always have it all”. Well, that’s not for the believer. Because the Christian is a blessed one, who cannot help but to succeed in all he does (Psalm 1:3).

Our opening text clearly reveals the will of God for those He blesses. And that is, whatever the blessed man does prospers. Whatever means “everything”. Yes, you can prosper in everything you do. It’s very possible in Christ. To prosper here implies to “advance, make progress, succeed or be profitable”. Hallelujah! *The Christian cannot fail and must not fail no matter how many times failure has knocked on his door.* You are greater than failure.

Our referenced text says “And whatever he does shall prosper”. It is stated with much assurance and emphasis. This is because of the origin of the blessed man is found “IN THE LORD”; Thus in Christ. Your real destiny starts only after you’ve embraced Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. From that time you are likened to one who is planted by the rivers of water, one who continually delights in the word of Lord; And allows the Word to direct his steps so that he can walk in the paths of righteousness as he feeds on good counsel.

And the end results is all round prosperity. Precious one, the scripture calls God the One who is “blessed forever” (Rom 1:25). Therefore you can’t be in Him and be blessed sometimes. You can succeed all times in everything you do. Therefore what are you doing now? His blessings only come to whatever you do so find something to do and His blessings will flood over it. For you are destined to prosper in everything you do-spiritually,physically, financially, health wise etc. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

Dear Father, thank You for the all round prosperity destined for me. I live as You have predestined for me. Whatever I do prospers. I know no failure. Failure is not an option for my life. I am as blessed as You are. For I am Your seed of blessing in motion on earth. Hallelujah! I give You all the glory for the all time prosperity in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Enjoy A Prosperous Saturday!

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