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24/7 DOXA Content, 6th November-KEEP SOWING THE WORD

24/7 DOXA Content 2018
TUESDAY, 6th November


Mark 4 vs 
14》The sower sows the word.~《KJV》

WE ARE privileged to have God’s word printed for us almost in every language. Nevertheless, it becomes useless if you keep it as a treasure in your bag or under a pillow. You must know that your Bible is the personal gift of the Holy Spirit to you.He breathed through holy men to write the holy scriptures. Because He is the sole author, the Bible is sacred and living. Scientist can’t deny its validity, politicians quote and use portions to draft constitution. Many doctors are using it as a therapeutic manual.

Our master Jesus linked the word of God to a seed that is planted by a farmer. Nobody can doubt the power of a seed. Because seeds planted are those that bring fruits into existence. *The power of God’s word is experienced when you plant it daily in your heart, confess with your mouth and apply by faith to daily situations in life.* A sharp knife is only recognized when it’s used to cut items. The word is a light and lamp (Ps 119:105) and no one lights a candle and put it under a basket ( Mat 5:15 ).

Cherished one, refuse to be too busy to study God’s word. A daily dose will give you a lifetime hope and renewed mind. A closed Bible is a closed destiny. If the devil wants to deceive and steal from you, he makes you give excuses as to why you can’t study God’s word. Your negligence to study and apply God’s word will cost you a lot. Get in tune with God’s word and your life will be rearranged in order to bear fruits of success. If Jesus is the lover of your life, you will spend time to hear from Him. Keep planting the word till it takes deeper roots in you for glorious results. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

I choose to esteem Your word above everything. Because it has the solution to every situation in my life. Your word is my delight. It puts and sets me on the right paths. By it, I am blessed in all my doings in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

◇ Enjoy A Blessed Tuesday ◇

Prayer Alert:
_Pray that God’s Spirit would continually empower you to always plant the Word in you._

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