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24/7 DOXA Content, 5th May-HIGHLY SECURED IN HIS HAND Pt.2

FOCAL TEXT: John 10 vs 28
►► ”And I give them eternal life, and they shall never lose it or perish throughout the ages. [To all eternity they shall never by any means be destroyed.] And no one is able to snatch them out of My hand.” ~| AMP |

GLORIOUS greetings Cherished one. Our focal text are the very words of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the true and faithful One. *He never mince words or play with words. His spoken words are true and not for flattery or public stunt.* He speaks words of assurance to all who trust and believe in Him for eternal life.

He is the source and Authour of our salvation. To all eternity you shall never by any means be destroyed. *No matter the challenges you face in this life, be rest assured that you are highly secured in the Lord.* Beloved, no one and nothing can snatch you from the hands of the good Shepherd (John 10:29). You just have to keep holding unto Him as a sheep.

Don’t run away from His presence despite your flaws.*For there is no where more safer and secured than His presence.* You don’t need “juju”, talisman, a fetish priest or an idol for any protection or safety. *Jesus your good Shepherd is so enough to protect you all way round. He is the good Shepherd and you are entitled to enjoy all the packages He alone provides.* You are safe and secured in Him. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abounds towards you always.
Thank You Precious Father for the solace, trust and assurance of all round security that Your Word offer me. I believe in You and Your Words that I’m highly safe and secured in Your hands forever in Jesus Blessed Name. Amen !_
_Thank Papa God for keeping you safe, sound and secured in His Son._
_*You are not safe until you are saved. Believe in Jesus Christ Now, if you haven’t.*_
FURTHER STUDY: Romans 10:9-11
*Enjoy A Glorious Thursday*
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