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Matthew 1 vs
19》》”Her husband Joseph, being a righteous man and unwilling to disgrace her, decided to divorce her secretly.”~》》ISV》


GOD is the author of relationships. He first formed man and woman and joined them together in marriage. Even God is not alone in heaven; He has the twenty four elders surrounding His throne (Rev 4:4). Therefore it is a godly thing to be in relationship. One of the most important relationships is the marital relation. It is the only legitimate means of copulation and procreation. Therefore it matters the various personalities and attitudes that should enter. When two proud and arrogant hearts engage in marital relationship, the end will always be sour.

Our focal text unveils a real event that took place between Mary and Joseph concerning the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. If you put yourself in Joseph’s shoes, you’ll see it wasn’t an easy task at all; That your betrothed woman is pregnant and she couldn’t trace it to any earthly personality. So Joseph decided to do what most “natural man” would have done by divorcing her. However, look at how Joseph approached the issue. Our focal says he was UNWILLING to DISGRACE her; because he was a righteous man. *Righteous men treat their women “righteously”.

This tells us the posture or attitude of the heart of Joseph who was about to start the marital journey. His mindset was lovely and worthy of emulation. Other translation says Joseph decided to take care of things quietly. Sometimes, that is the best option when issues happen in our relationships; Take care of things quietly as a righteous man/ woman. He didn’t act like “you prostitute and shameless woman, everyone will hear of this”. No, he proved his love for her even in difficult time not to disgrace her. Cherished one, a man or woman with a righteous heart or attitude of such is worth marrying. Work on the attitude of your heart and act accordingly in your relationship and marriage. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

Glorious Father, I thank You that Your Spirit guides my heart to do the right things in my relationship and marriage. I refuse to act ungodly towards Your design for marriage. I receive much wisdom to deal wisely in the affairs of my marital life in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen !

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_Pray that God’s Spirit would always guide you to act righteously in your relationship and marriage._
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