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24/7 DOXA Content, 27th March-ENJOY YOUR VICTORY


FOCAL TEXT: Colossians 2 vs 15 ►► [God] disarmed the principalities and powers that were ranged against us and made a bold display and public example of them, in triumphing over them in Him and in it [the cross].”~《AMP》

FAVOURED greetings, Cherished one. The fear of the devil and his cohorts has kept many in bondage resulting in failure, fear, untimely death and intimidation. But God has got good news for you in our focal text. He has disarmed principalities and powers. He is not trying to; He did it in Christ (in the past), not in the future.

To disarm means He wholly stripped off all the armour the devil uses against you; The armour of sin, guilt, fear, deception, condemnation, death, intimidation etc was completely stripped off by Christ. No Satan, witch or demon has any power over your life again (Mark 17:16). So you do not have to be afraid of the devil; however, you must enforce his defeat and enjoy your victory at all times.

Jesus has conquered and defeated the devil, so you can enjoy your victory over him. You are authorised to resist him from putting sin, sickness, poverty, death on your life. Your knowledge of his defeat and enforcing it is one means to enjoying continuous victory over the works of the devil. As you rise up and apply the power of God’s word, you will be enjoying all-round victory. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abounds towards you always.

I stand on my ground in the authority given to me by Christ. I enjoy my eternal victory over the devil and his cohorts. I resist them and they flee in fear. I refuse to accept anything that is inconsistent with God’s character in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

Pray for a continuous empowerment to enjoy your victory in Christ.


*Enjoy A Favoured Friday*


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