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24/7 DOXA Content, 26th November-FINANCIAL PREPARATION

FOCAL TEXT: Proverbs 21 vs 31
►► “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD.”~|KJV|

BLISSFUL greetings Cherished one. We cannot learn about preparation and leave out financial preparation. Money is too powerful to be ignored in any one’s life. Do you know that many people have different levels of respect and honour for wealthy people in our society? Do you know that the Bible says money is a defence? Yes many lives have been defended by money in diverse forms. Do you know the latest language billions of people easily relate to and understand now is money? Do you know that many rise early from their beds to go to work everyday because of money?

Money is too vital that Jesus Christ compared it with serving God in Matthew 6:24: “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. So money can influence one’s service to God. Yes, money can require service from people. This is why many people engage in several illegal or ungodly ways to acquire money and ignore any form of Godly values. One thing every human often desire more is money. Beloved, money is not a sin. Money is not evil however you must know that money does not just come because you talk about it.

You must prepare your mind to have and dominate money. Money will not come to you if you don’t prepare to know more about it. Growing up, I have to come to realize that many people talk about money but not many have learnt and mastered the art of making money, managing money and multiplying money. Thus, financial intelligence, discipline and prosperity is very low for many minds. One definition of preparation is to be established ahead of time. You must prepare to know, learn, master and apply financial principles the God way in order to enjoy riches. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abounds towards you always. Amen !
Dear Father, silver is Yours, gold is Yours. I thank You for the wisdom to learn the art of making, managing and multiplying money. I refuse to be ignorant financially. I choose to prepare in knowledge and master dominion over finances in the Blessed Name of Christ, the Messiah. Amen !
Pray and thank God’s Spirit for given you insight and foresight into preparing your financial destiny.
You are not safe until you are saved. Believe in Jesus Christ Now, if you haven’t.
FURTHER STUDY: Ecclesiastes 7:12
Enjoy A Blissful Saturday
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