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2 Timothy 1 vs
7》》”For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind..”》》KJV》


IF you want to accomplish great achievements in this life, you must be guided by the unfailing principles of God’s word. Whiles applying them, let nothing stop your persistency; because persistency in the truth is the best friend of success. As you persist, you will face a lot hurdles on your way. One of them is the spirit of fear. Our focal text deals with the spirit of fear, not just fear. And remember this fear is not talking about the natural response of your body to certain things.

For instance, when you are unaware of yourself and someone shouts loud or touches you, you may have the tendency to shiver a little. But the kind of fear in our focal text is the spirit of fear. It is also known as the spirit of timidity or cowardice, which aims to stifle your ability and creativity for exploits. It is a spirit responsible for impacting fear in you against your divine assignment. This fear is engineered from the pit of hell with an evil agenda to fight you from fulfilling the purpose of God.

That’s why Apostle Paul admonished the young man, Timothy in verse six “I remind you to STIR UP THE GIFT of God which IS IN YOU through the laying on of my hands.” That spirit targets the manifestation of what God has given unto you. But as a child of God, you always have a great advantage over all the arsenals or assaults of the devil. One of the arsenals is POWER. God hasn’t given you the spirit of fear because God doesn’t have it; but what He has is Power. And He has given you power over any spirit of fear that will try to oppose the plan of God for your life. Exercise that power by the authority of God’s word and reign in life. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

I only accept, believe, acknowledge and live what my Heavenly Father has given me. If it cannot be found in my Father, then I don’t need it. My Father has not given me the spirit of fear. Therefore I refuse to fear. I refuse to allow it dominance. I overrule the spirit of fear by the power of the Holy Spirit in me in Jesus Name. Amen !_

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_Pray and command any spirit of fear or cowardice which targets to sabotage the divine assignment for your life._
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