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Matthew 13 vs
16》》 “How blessed are your eyes because they see…”》》ISV》


WE learned yesterday how relevant and blessed your eyes is as a believer. When Jesus unveiled that truth, He really meant it; for He never minced words or flattered His hearers. What you see is very vital in this life. However, you need a blessed eyes to see right according to the perspectives of God. Now, a blessed eyes is a spiritual faith-filled eyes which sees into the realities or truths in Christ and PURSUE to enjoy them. At this level, you come to agree with God and His word not based on your physical senses but your spiritual eyesight.

There are several realities in Christ that takes only the blessed eyes to see.For instance, the blessed eyes alive to the realities in Christ will never doubt that “ALL THINGS are possible with God and those who believe (Mark 10:27; 9:23).Such folks will not argue or try to debate a miracle or ask whether miracles do exist or have past. The things of the Spirit become naked to you in that you believe them without questioning. When you see with a blessed eyes, you walk in “believing is seeing, not seeing is believing.” In other words, you believe what hasn’t been manifested to your physical senses, but you confess and hold onto it (John 20:29 ).

Cherished one, what you see with your optical eyes is not always the truth; hold unto what you see with your faith or blessed eyes which affirms the realities in Christ. Prosperity, divine health/healing and blessings of God are real. Can you see their reality in your life? You have a blessed eyes; Choose to see the brighter side of life by looking into the REALITIES or truths revealed in Christ.( James 1:25)Refuse to be limited by your environment, family and economic background. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

Excellent Father, I thank You for given me a blessed eyes to see the way you see. My blessed eyes choose to see the realities revealed in Your word. I graciously rely and apply those realities into my life for glorious success in every aspect of my life in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

◇ Enjoy A Gracious Wednesday ◇

Prayer Alert:Pray that God’s Spirit would empower you to see and enjoy the realities in Christ._

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