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24/7 DOXA Content 2018 SUNDAY, 23rd December PRAY FOR ALL PEOPLE

1 Timothy 2 vs
1.》“First of all, then, I urge you to offer to God petitions, prayers, intercessions, and expressions of thanks for all people,.~《ISV》


PRAYER is one of the most important responsibilities for every Christian. It is one of the necessities of life because scripture admonishes us to pray always without ceasing (1Thess 5:17). You can pray about anything or for anybody. Prayer works in diverse ways to produce undoubted results. According to the scriptures, everyone must pray and also be prayed for.

Our opening text encourages believers to pray for ALL people. Yes, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ stands the sole position to pray for all manner of people whether born again or not, rich or poor, young or old, oppressed or freed, secular or sacred, man or woman. This is vital because all direction points to us as saviours, salt and light of the world (Obad 1:21;Mt 5:13,14). It’s one best way to effect positive changes into the affairs of men in this world.

When you are admonished to pray for all people, the first area to tackle is salvation. This is unveiled in the fourth verse which says that God wants all people to be saved and to come to know the truth fully. PRAY that people’s heart will be opened to receive the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. PRAY that God would touch people’s souls and give sight to those whose minds the devil have blindfolded. Salvation prayer is one form of prayer God will always answer. Get on your knees and stay praying for all people. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

Thank You Glorious Father for all people in different countries, schools, workplaces, churches, homes. I pray that their eyes will be opened to embrace and believe in the only begotten Son of God and serve You in much wisdom and understanding. Let Your peace guard their hearts and conscience in Jesus’ Name. Amen !_

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Prayer Alert:
Pray that God’s Spirit is causing souls to be saved as you pray for them.

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