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24/7 DOXA Content 2019 TUESDAY, 13th August-STICK TO THE SPOKEN WORD

Romans 4 vs
18》”Who, contrary to hope,in hope believed, so that he became the father of many nations, ACCORDING TO WHAT WAS SPOKEN “So shall your descendants be.”~《KJV》

GRACIOUS greetings to you, Cherished one. The holy Bible basically unveils three kinds of voice: the spoken words of God, people and the devil. So these are the voices recorded in a written form. However, God’s voice reigns supreme over all others. Today, God is still speaking, man is still talking and the devil is also talking. Where are they written? On the tablet of your heart. *Your heart and mind are in the “reception room” of these voices.* We believe the Bible as the written word of God, but you must also understand that it was FIRST inspired by the Spirit of God to holy men ( I Peter 1:21).

So we can conclude that the word was first inspired as a spoken word before it was written. Against all odds, Abraham believed in the spoken voice that “he would become the father of many nations “( Genesis 17:4). Carefully check out what God has spoken about you and tell yourself, “I am living to fulfil what He has spoken to me”. Has he spoken to you through His word, a true Prophet, or any man/woman of God? Stick to that spoken voice. *If God spoke it, then you can rely on it anytime.* It won’t fail but you have to keep holding on to that spoken voice by faith.

All the people who made exploits in the Bible relied solely on the spoken word of God despite the challenges. Listen to how Mary held unto the spoken words from God through the angel; Luke 1:38 says _”And Mary said BE it unto me ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD (spoken) …”._ Your success is settled by God. He gave you the Bible as a “spoken word” in a written form to remind you of it. You just have to believe and keep holding on to it, apply the principles and believe Him for manifestation or results. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is with you always. Amen!

I believe the Bible as the unadulterated word of God, fully authored by the Holy Spirit and written by holy men. I believe the Spirit and power behind the spoken but written word. My life is set for above only. God’s voice about my life stands so strong and sure. My destiny is safe and secured in God’s Spoken word. I am blessed as I apply them to my life in Jesus Name. Hallelujah!_

◇ Enjoy A Blessed Tuesday ◇

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Pray that God’s Spirit would empower you to put the spoken word into practice for glorious manifestations.
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