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Luke 8 vs
3》”And Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod’s household manager; and Susanna; and many others, who ministered to and provided for Him and them out of their property and personal belongings. ~《Amplified Bible》

JOYFUL greetings to you, Cherished one. We learned yesterday that working with your hands helps you to have something to give to the one in need. Thus, you can support others. Some of the agents who need your support include the ministers of God and the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, the minister and the church needs your material and financial support as well as spiritual. In other words, the individual is to work so that he can contribute to the work of the ministry with his substance.

The work of God needs the collective support of all believers. God sponsors His church by using you and I. Also, God has ordained that men on earth will support His work in order to be blessed. If you feel reluctant to give your substance to the Church for the propagating of the gospel and for the welfare of the ministers, then you need to renew your mind. In our focal text, the writer gives us the account of how the earthly ministry of Jesus prospered materially and financially. Jesus needed the resources of Joana and Susanna to push the ministry forward.

In other words, the Holy Spirit did not sponsor Jesus’ earthly ministry by sending substance from heaven. He used men and women in this world (Luke 8:3). How did the early ministers and Church get support? Believers were selling their lands and other property to support the ministry. One of them was called Barnabas “Having land, sold it, and brought the money, and laid it at the apostles’ feet” (Acts 4:37). Beloved, listen to the voice of God in the scriptures not the voice of the media. It is our duty to support the work of the ministry with our material and financial substance. God’s blessing would not elude such folks. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abounds towards you always.

Abba Father, I thank You for the wisdom in Your word. I thank You for the privilege to use my material and financial substance to support the work of the ministry. I graciously do this from my heart in faith and cheerfully in love. I ask and receive the grace of giving to do more and more in Jesus Blessed Name. Amen!

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Pray and thank your Father for the abundant resources to support the work of the ministry.
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