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Genesis 29 vs
26》“It is not our custom here,” Laban replied, “to give the younger daughter in marriage before the firstborn. 27. Complete my older daughter’s bridal week. Then we will give you the younger one too, in exchange for seven more years of work.”~《New English Translation》

JOYFUL greetings to you Cherished one. Knowledge is very essential in diverse fields. Knowledge is precious; it unearths a lot hidden of treasures. So you need it spiritually, physically, socially, financially, mentally and relational. In terms of marital relationship, there are several background checks you need to make before you enter. Christianity doesn’t cancel certain cultural practices. Rather, it seeks to fight and eliminate cultures that contradict natural human rights or godliness. Therefore as a man or woman ready for marriage, you need to know certain marital customs of the tribe or family you are marrying into.

In our focal text, Jacob was moved by love to the extent that He didn’t even take the time to know or learn the custom of Laban’s family. It is written that ” Jacob served SEVEN YEARS for Rachel, but it seemed like only a FEWS DAYS because of HIS LOVE for her” (Gen 29:20). But when the seven years were due ” That night Laban took his daughter Leah and brought her to Jacob. He had marital relations with her” (Gen 29:23). The next morning when Jacob realized he had been deceived, he demanded of Laban” (Gen 29:25). Laban said their custom demanded that the elder marries before the younger.

Even though Laban was crafty, Jacob wouldn’t be surprised at the latest turn out of events if he had foreknowledge of the marital customs in Laban’s family. Cherished one, refuse to be “blinded by love” and assumptions; sit down, inquire and ask questions into marital customs in your society. This is vital because the Bible had a cultural setting. And that particular custom doesn’t necessarily replace yours in terms of marriage. Doing this will save you from a lot of “troubles” and wasted years. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abounds towards you always.

Dear Father of all nations, tribes and languages, I thank You for the insight that Your word gives concerning marital customs. I ask and receive guidance into this area in Jesus Name.

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Pray and set your heart to inquire of the customs concerning marriages.
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