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24/7 DOXA Content 2019 FRIDAY, 16th August-CELEBRATING SUCCESS

1 Thessalonians 3 vs 
9》 For what thanks can we render to God again for you, for all the joy wherewith we joy for your sakes before our God.”~《KJV》

LOVELY greetings to you, Cherished one. Do you know that in life, you repel what you destructively criticize and attract what you joyfully celebrate? There is a certain kind of thinking and attitude in some part of the world which is very dangerous and has limited many folks from rising to the top. And that thinking is every successful or rich person is using evil powers or juju. Some also think that life is too challenging and difficult to the extent that there is no way people should succeed financially except through evil powers or juju.

That’s pathetic and myopic thinking. This erroneous thinking must be replaced with new ones. I do not deny the fact that some are using evil means to enrich themselves. Nevertheless, it’s not everyone who is doing such things. Some people are genuinely diligent, hard-working, smart and blessed by God. Do you see the intensity of hatred and backlash on successful people when they make mistakes or fault? it is a sign that many hate his success and don’t expect him to rise above his/her mistakes. Almost all the epistles of Apostles, he had something to thank God for the Brethren (the church). For instance, in our focal text, he is considering how much grateful he is to God for their sakes.

The New Living Translation puts it this way “How we thank God for you! Because of you, we have great joy as we enter God’s presence.” Here, the apostle is celebrating the success of the Church in Thessalonica. They may not have been perfect but there was something good they have done. Beloved, do you know of a relative, friend, or loved one who is pursuing a good course? Then this calls for celebrating him or her. Thank God for their lives and the successes. As you keep on doing what it’s is a sign that you want to attract the glorious level you desire. *A great man of God once said: “do not criticize success; learn from it.”* The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always. Amen!

Precious Father of love, I Thank You for the glorious revelation in Your unfailing word. Your love is shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit to celebrate the success all those around me. I thank You for their beautiful lives, testimonies, doors and favours You’ve opened for them. I refuse to criticize success. I learn from it in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

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Pray that God’s Spirit would continually empower you to celebrate the success of others with joy.
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