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John 16 vs
7》》”Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is EXPEDIENT for you…”》》KJV》

IN the history of the twelve Disciples, their encounter with Jesus Christ brought great relevance in their lives. Jesus chose them from different fields of profession, backgrounds and vocation. Yes, Jesus chose to walk, teach and guide them in the affairs of life. Jesus was called the great Rabbi (that’s the great Teacher); And every Rabbi had students who learned from him. The Messiah showed them His nature, assignment and later gave them a commission to fulfill (Matthew 28:18-20)

However, before we experienced the relevance of these Disciples, Jesus had told them of the power that would come upon them from the Holy Spirit, “the another Comforter” (Acts 1:8; John 14:16). In other words, Jesus had been their helper, comforter, teacher all this while. *But He would like to perpetuate that kind of relevance to them and all who will believe through the Holy Spirit.* Everything God does is for the benefit of His children (Luke 4:18). *Now, you need to enjoy the relevance of God’s Spirit in your life.*

The Holy Spirit is given as our ultimate benefit. He is given as your Helper, Comforter, Strengthener, Advocate, Counsellor, Teacher etc. *It is vital for you to enjoy His ministry in your life; So that you can be helped and comforted in diverse ways.* He is the source of effectiveness and empowerment in the life of the Believer. Cherished one, take advantage of His influence and enjoy life to the fullest. For it is expedient for you. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

_Blessed Father, I thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit. I take advantage of the benefits that the Sweet Holy Spirit brings into my life. I humbly submit to His ministry of guidance, teaching, revelation, truth and leadership in every aspect of my life. I live my life in glorious benefits by the influence of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!_

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_Pray that God’s Spirit would empower you take advantage of the benefits that He brings into your life._

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