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24/7 DOXA Content, 19th September-HE WEIGHS YOUR ACTIONS

24/7 DOXA Content 2018
WEDNESDAY, 19th September


1 Samuel 2 vs 
3.》Talk no more so very proudly; let not arrogance go forth from your mouth, for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed.”~《AMP》

AS sons and daughters of God whatever you do attracts the attention of God. *Whoever tells you what you do doesn’t matter to God is announcing to you a fallacy.* In Genesis 11:5, it is written “But the LORD came down to SEE the city and the tower that the PEOPLE had STARTED BUILDING”. God sees all things and is interested in whatever you’re doing with your life. He is interested in the actions you are taking per time. This revelation was unveiled to Hannah, the mother of Prophet Samuel in the Old Testament after she went through a hard time of barrenness and God gave him a child.

She was inspired to pray our focal scripture. Your actions imply what you do. Thus, your deeds, performances and practices. Our focal text unveils that one area that we act is through our talking. *Therefore we should not talk so proudly or in arrogance as if we know everything.* Because we do not know or understand everything. It is only God who knows and understands everything, because He is a God of knowledge. *Talking proudly is when you speak without the knowledge of God’s word or the intends of His heart.*

It is when you speak out of frustration or desperation due to a difficult situation you’re going through. Cherished one, God evaluates, measures or balances your deeds whether they meet the standards of His word or conform to the finished works of Christ. *This is why you don’t have to be doers of whatever pleases your flesh or sight, rather be DOERS of GOD’S WORD. (James 1:22).* God’s word is pure, holy, prosperous, powerful, life and gives liberation. When you engage in doing His word, your actions when weighed would result in good success and prosperity. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

Dear Glorious Father, You know, see and understand all my actions. I know I am not perfect in all my deeds. Therefore I humbly submit to Your Knowledge to guide me live gloriously. Help me by Your Spirit to act according to Your word to enjoy all round success and prosperity in Jesus Name. Amen!_

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