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24/7 DOXA Content, 13th March-A VITAL ASSET TO THE CHURCH

FOCAL TEXT: Acts 6 vs 3
►►”Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.”~| NKJV |
SHALOM greetings Cherished one. AS the disciples multiplied in the days of the Apostles, there was the need for effective administration and ministration of the church. So they appointed seven men who would attend to serving at tables and superintending the distribution of food. However, those men to serve were to have certain qualities. They said _“Select out from among yourselves, brethren, seven men of good and attested character and repute, full of the [Holy] Spirit and wisdom, whom we may assign to look after this business and duty”._

Did you notice that? They were among the brethren, not the Apostles, pastors or leaders but they should be of good character, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. So if you are a 21st Century Christian and you think it’s only your pastor who should be of good character and full of the Spirit and wisdom, then you are doing yourself a great disservice. Besides, they were to serve at tables, nevertheless they should have these qualities. Beloved, the Apostles were not looking for “empty vessels”. There were looking for available and YIELDED VESSELS, who are vital assets to the kingdom of Christ.

Beloved, you can choose to be a person of good reputation, full of wisdom and the Spirit. And through this, you will become a vital asset for the kingdom of God and a threat to the forces of darkness. *Don’t live like a “normal Christian” who is not yearning for any greater dimension and fellowship with Spirit. There is more to Christianity than just going to church.* Choose to be equipped and empowered for the kingdom with godly character, wisdom and the Spirit. The rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abounds towards you always.
Omnipotent Father, thank You for Your inspiration which is able to build me up. Father I humbly yield my whole life to you to use me as Your asset of blessing to Your kingdom. Continue to fill me with your character, wisdom and Spirit in Jesus Name. Amen!_
_Pray and thank Papa God for the greater manifestation of God’s character, Spirit and wisdom in your life._
_*You are not safe until you are saved. Believe in Jesus Christ Now, if you haven’t.*_
FURTHER STUDY: 1 Peter 2:9
*Enjoy A Peaceful Sunday*
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