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[Business/Finance]: MONEY WON’T MAKE YOU RICH –- Sunday Adelaja (Review)

MONEY WON’T MAKE YOU RICH –- Sunday Adelaja (Review)

This book contains the laws of money I learned; and how I purposed to make my first million US dollars in 2 years, so that these wealth-creation principles would first be proven in my life. I achieved it in less than 9 months and in the next 2 years helped 200 people in my church achieved the same.

Financial Freedom = Passive Income > Expenses
Because I’m a full time pastor and an itinerary speaker, I opted for “passive earning”, which came by adhering to certain laws and principles of wealth creation. Passive income is the key to wealth.
Wealth = Financial Freedom = Passive income greater than expenses. Here are some critical conclusions I came to:
» Becoming a millionaire is not a bid deal; it is easy!
» Money won’t make you rich.
» Money is only worth making if it is going to be used as instrument to set others free.
» God created money for the same reason as all other things—to serve His purpose.
» Ignorance is the biggest challenge of our age.

Money Won’t Make You Rich
Money won’t make you rich because it is not meant to do so. You must first build the wealth of inner values before money can come to you. Money is simply what we use to measure (or place a price) of how wealthy a person truly is in inner values. So you must first be ‘rich’ before money can come to you. Money is simply the way we move wealth (or true values) around.

Money Comes Only to the Financially Intelligent
» Listen, money doesn’t come to good people—because there are millions of good people who aren’t rich.
» Money doesn’t come to educated people—because there are so many educated people who live average lives.
» Money doesn’t even come to churchgoers or Christians—else our churches would be filled with millionaires!
» In fact, money doesn’t necessarily come to business people, as so many struggle to make ends meet.
» Money only comes to those who are already rich in the knowledge of the laws of money.Money comes to the financially intelligent.

When God’s people are empowered financially, they can easily pursue their God-given ambitions, goals, and purposes. Many people have dreams and aspirations that are not fulfilled because of lack of wealth.

1% of the world’s population earns around 90% of the world’s wealth. The poorest 10% of Americans are better off than a full two-third of the world’s entire population.

Value Out = Cash In
The rich are rich because they offer out more value, so they earn. The purpose of the church is not to have people come in and sit down. Rather, it is to go out & change cultures by establishing God’s value system—including God’s value system regarding money and wealth. Hence, the reason why a Christian desires financial freedom is not just to meet his or her needs but also to become an answer to the challenge of our world.

Main Errors of the “Prosperity Movement”
The prosperity gospel teaches that one prospers only when giving. Giving is the main emphasis. This is false. True prosperity comes not only when we give but also when we know the laws of money and play by them (financial intelligence). The law of giving is an important law but by itself it will fail to make anyone sustainably wealthy.

In most cases, when Christians teach that the only way to be prosperous is by giving to the church or ministry, the only person who becomes wealthy is the one on the receiving end or those who have control of the collection—usually, the pastor, televangelist, or radio preacher and his inner circle. I’m addressing imbalance. The truth is many megachurch pastors are quite talented and hardworking. Many have been able to create their own wealth from their book sales and other private enterprise. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with being prosperous and living well from one’s own exploits. But there is something fundamentally wrong with exploiting the weak and the innocent for personal gain.

Again, “Value Out” = “Cash In”
The prosperity gospel teaches an incomplete aspect of financial empowerment. They emphasize “confession”, “faith” and “belief” and never teach about the production of goods and services, and often because they are not comfortable with having to release their controlling grip on the congregation. They never tell their people that “true prosperity comes by getting involved in the process of production” (because they themselves do not understand it).

The Donald Trumps of this world profess no faith at all, and yet they sit on top of the pile in the world of finances. It is high time we began learning the importance of production of goods and rendering services as a pre-requisite to being wealthy. The basis still remains, “Value Out = Cash In”. The fundamental basis for income is still TRADE or EXCHANGE. Finish!

Accomplishing God’s Purposes (not Meeting Needs)
Another problem with the prosperity movement is that it tends to emphasize of the needs of a person. Of course God meets personal needs but that is not the main reason to desire wealth. We must have a clear drive to advance God’s kingdom and fulfill His purposes on earth—our needs are met in the process!

Other Principles
1. Successful people know that true education is what you get for yourself and by yourself. It is not what someone gives or tells you.
2. Successful people know that true success in life does not come by luck. A lucky man is not a successful man. A successful man is one who habitually sets goals and accomplishes them.

If we measure our lives by the things we own, we have no more hope than any other unbeliever. The Bible teaches a vital creed—“everyone who has something should behave as if he or she has nothing” (2Cor. 6:10).

We have to search our hearts and imagine ourselves without cars, without nice clothes, without beautiful homes. Would we feel miserable? If yes, then we have failed the test! If a person depends on outward, visible things, that person is not free but enslaved. That person has the love of money, which is the source of all evil.

You Must be Rich Without Material Blessings
You are not free until you can imagine yourself being happy without all these material blessings. We often think of people who have money are the ones with the love of money, and since we do not have much of that valuable commodity, we are free. What a deception. It is usually the other way around. Predominantly, the rich are free of the love of money and that is why they have it.

However, some rich people also have a problem. They often trust in their riches, making it their fortress instead of God. Money is merely a tool by which we meet our needs and accomplish the purposes of God. Knowing the truth about money and money principles frees people from bondage.

The Two Reasons Christians Must Be Financially Intelligent & Free
1. So that we can be free from the power/control of the love of money over us (“Truth sets free” John 8:32)
2. So that we can best serve the needs of the kingdom by fulfilling our purposes/destinies/dreams in life!

Financial Freedom (= Passive Income > Expenses)
We have members of our church who have learnt the laws of money and are financially free. Today, many of them are free to go as a missionary while their investments work for them and supply their needs (the church does not need to be burdened to meet those needs because their passive income covers it). Mastery over money allows them to serve God while their money works for them.

Our task is to become millionaires who make our own money to serve kingdom purposes. Our task is to devote ourselves to this one goal and work at it every day.

If you want to teach people about financial freedom, then you need to become financially free first—even as a pastor! This was why I gave myself two years to convert theory into actual possession of a million dollars before teaching it in my church or writing this book.

Pay God First, Pay Yourself Second (Savings)
1. Practice paying your tithes and offerings as an automatic practice. It’s better to inform your bank to automatically transfer funds to your church account.
2. Instruct your ban to transfer a % of your income to another “savings account” (an escrow account). Savings needs to be automatic otherwise you might not form the culture.
3. Save in a fixed deposit (with a guaranteed interest rate). Don’t just save in a simple account. This makes your money dormant. This is not good.

Note: Your savings should yield for you while you’re still saving!
In case you find saving difficult, I can help you. Read how here or Submit Your Details Here or Contact me: [email protected]gmail.com, or Whatsapp: 08156924520]

Beware of Lending Out Money
You are not a bank. So don’t bring others’ burdens on yourself. Only banks (and financial institutions) have laws in place that protect their interests, you don’t!

Other Principles
Focus/Concentrate your efforts to acquire more information, new networks, strategies for better service, and cheaper and better products.

Analyze your priorities. Discipline yourself to save and invest, and thereby later attain increasing wealth. Money cannot quench desires. Only discipline can tame desires.

If anyone thinks people are unhappy because of a lack of money, they are gravely mistaken. The reason many are unhappy is because either they have not understood the basic truths of life or they simply refuse to live by them.

Being Financially Free!
No millionaire I know carries money around? Why should they? Money for them is just an exercise in numbers. They are worth millions but often do not even carry a wallet. This is because these people are free from the power of money. On the other hand, people who have nothing often try to show off by carrying big, fat wallets around, counting their money in full public glare, because mammon has enslaved them! Lol!

Get this right: If you will do more work on yourself, your character and your inner man, then you will get to a place where you are absolutely content and satisfied with God’s blessing with your life. What is worth spending your life attaining is righteousness and contentment—which is true wealth. (And God finds it easier to trust you with more wealth and money because your heart is right).

Money is Either Created or Earned
Wealth is not a miracle; it must either be created or earned. Many Christians, especially in developing countries, are sitting in churches expecting God to bless them with money, instead of learning the principles of wealth creation (financial intelligence). What a great pity.

These Christians are no better than someone playing the lottery—because they are not attempting to create or earn wealth—they just want to win it.

The Process of Production Builds You
Even though God blesses, it works to our disadvantage without our involvement with the normal process of production.
» When preachers tell people to only give, and then expect a miracle, they have not helped them. They have to go beyond that and encourage their people to learn the process of production of either goods or services. It is easier for a Christian to be involved with the process of Production because he is already satisfied and derives more joy in just being a blessing to others. We should be more interested in the blessing that the process brings rather than the profit we are going to get in the end.

Money/Income is only a by-product of the normal process/channel of commerce/Exchange/Trade. “Value out” is still equal to “Cash in”. So when people play the lottery or just pray for financial miracles without getting involved with the process of production, it is more of a manifestation of greed than blessing.

Commitment to Continuous Education
1. Read/Learn about Your Area of Specialty/Interest (60minutes everyday):
2. Listen to Audio CDs (teachings) while Driving (or in transit): Averagely you spend 100hours in transit per year. This could be up to 3 months—just on the road. Don’t waste it! Make “travel time” = “learning time”. Many people became millionaires through head-phone self-study from CDs. Self-education is the greatest radical breakthrough in education since the invention of the printing machine.
3. Attend Seminars that can help you become more qualified in your profession. The above 3 combinations will lead to a life of continuous education.

Topics That Must Be In View
1. Understand Difference Between Assets and LiabilitiesAssets = a possession that brings income passively (e.g. real estate, automated businesses, paper assets)Liability = possession that requires continuous expenses to maintain—it takes money away from you (e.g. cars, house you live in, etc.). Assets appreciates, liabilities depreciates.

2. Understand that money, just like a seed, must be multiplied: When you receive income, the first thing is not to spend it but to find a way to multiply it. Bible shows that money cannot be stored, but rather needs to be put to work. Dollars do not rain. God give us power, intellect, wisdom, ideas—i.e. the abilities—to make money ourselves (Deut. 8:18).

3. Investment Mentality vs. Consumer Mentality: The first discipline to wealth is savings. The second is investing what has been saved.

4. Financial Discipline vs. Instant Gratification: The discipline is “allow your funds (or savings) to accumulate so that you can make a great investment.” That’s why you must use an Escrow Account. No one has ever become rich by focusing only on spending instead of saving, no matter how little. The poor wants to be like the rich, so they buy liabilities. However, the rich don’t spend. Instead, they multiply their money and live off the overflow.

Other Principles
1. The foundation of life is “laws” and “principles”, not “superstitions” and “mystery”.
2. True successful people consider the numbers—Facts, figures, details, and fragments—because the numbers don’t lie. The numbers show the true financial progress of your life.

Remember, financial freedom is when your “passive income” is more than your “living expenses” per month.

Every Christian has only one purpose—to bring the kingdom of God into the sphere where he or she works. “Go ye into the world and make disciples” = “As you’re going along in your purpose/calling, ensure you’re making disciples”.

What Will You Do If Someone Actually Gives You $5million?
Here are the popular answers I received from people (who thought they were ready to be millionaires)
1. I would pray, and ask God what He would want me to do with it. This is really not an answer at all. It shows you don’t already know what to use it for. Money comes only in response to vision.
2. I would buy property for ministries and help them financially. This sounds spiritual but spending money that way leads to spending all. The first law of money is not to spend it but multiply it.
3. I would invest in media for the Word of God to travel around the world faster. This is similar to the previous one. This mindset devours money instead of generating a source that keeps yielding income for future use.
4. I will build houses for homeless people and go into philanthropy. A wrong understanding of money makes people assume that their first duty of money is to spend it. No! Invest!
5. I will invest the money to yield passive income. Then will sponsor the gospel with the yield. This answer is much better. Wise people spend the yields from their capital but never their capital. This is what Bible teaches to do. God doesn’t expect us to spend our income; but the yield from the investments we make with our income (Luke 19).

Churches receive tithers and offerings every week, but most of them run their budgets to limit way before the end of the month. This reflects ignorance of what Bible teaches to do. There will never be many people with significant money to benefit the church as long as we do not understand the basic concept of money!

The Basic Laws of Money
#1. Multiplication (i.e. Make more money): The faithful servant did not spend the money (income) he received, he multiplied it (Luke 19).
#2. Retention (i.e. Protect your money). Ensure you save in an escrow account and that it yields for you while you’re still saving. It is irresponsible to spend money before it multiplies. It’s a paradox to be irresponsible to these laws and begging God for a financial breakthrough.
#3. Investment (i.e. Leverage your money—make your money make more money). You can then spend from the overflowing profits your investments are giving you (passive income).

I found out that as soon as you begin to apply these financial laws into your business, God begins to open supernatural contacts, relationships, and other doors of unlimited opportunities to you. You see, when it comes to money and wealth creation, your belief system is the key!

Other Principles
1. Wealth does not come by working harder, longer, or even wiser. It comes by applying principles, time, energy, your mind and your money (Luke 19: 24—26).
2. It is easier to obtain wealth in poor surroundings than in rich or developed surroundings. So never complain about your circumstances.
3. Money doesn’t come because someone is good, spiritual or lucky. It comes to those who know and apply the principles of money (Prov. 6:6—11).
4. The windows of heaven are open to send blessings (in insight, concepts, ideas), but not money. (Deut. 8:18)
5. God’s blessing is important for enduring wealth without sorrow.
6. True millionaires shun get-rich-quick schemes. They prefer building their wealth progressively, consciously and intelligently via investments!

First fundamental point is: “Money doesn’t make you wealthy”. Second is “You must be morally wealthy before you can manage money right”—and it takes hard work to build a good character. Success is not an accident. It happens by laws and principles.

Financial Freedom is about Accomplishing God’s Purpose on Earth
Unless we always keep this truth before us, success will pollute and defile even the best of us. I have never met anyone who can prove there is happiness without God! No one and nothing can replace the Creator who fashioned us and knows our every desire. Without God, the more money you make, the more empty you feel.

Don’t ever try to accomplish success without the Creator. The more you try, the more you’ll regret your actions.

Always Maintain Balance
The law of prosperity says if you make money, you need to keep the balance of it by accumulating more information/knowledge about that money (otherwise, you’ll will not retain it but lose it). “Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times” (Isa.33:6). We need to dedicate ourselves to developing skills (and also working hard without feeling sorry for ourselves).

The difference between financial success and catastrophe is how much we choose to abide by the laws of money. When you income grows and your knowledge stays the same, the amount of money will slowly decrease.

Other Principles
1. Never give up on your dreams/vision. You must have a vision. Your vision/dream makes you focused on your future instead of your present.
2. Never lend out money except you’re ready to lose or donate it.

Knowledge is the key word when it comes to finances because money comes to those who have the knowledge of what to do with it. Spending your money to the last cent, even on charity, is what God calls foolishness.

Assets and Liabilities
Assets put money into your pocket. Liabilities require you to keep spending. Buying a house and then renting it out, so that you keep on receiving rental income, is an asset.

Buying a car for personal use with a loan (or even from your savings) and then having to spend money to maintain it, is foolish. This is a liability. Rent an apartment for now. Walk or take public transport—do whatever it takes, but invest your capital.

Using The Banks Money
However, while you’re in that rented apartment, you could actually take out a loan or mortgage from the bank using the house as surety, and then use the money from rent to pay off the percentage to the bank. That is why knowledge is the key word when talking about finances.

Financial Intelligence is Not Taught in Schools: YOU NEED FINANCIAL MENTORS
Most business schools teach students how to manage a business; not how to become financially free. You need to get a financial mentor because you will most likely not get financial education in schools.

I teach my pastors that they should never hang around wealthy individuals in the hop those people will bring in tithes. That by itself is slavery. Rather, I tell them to ask the wealthy individuals to come and teach the church the act of making money. The financial knowledge is more important than any handouts from anybody.

The Church Needs to Empower Christians Financially
The challenge in church today is that members are not financially empowered to create wealth (most teachings focus on subjective feelings, motivation, inspiration, and faith building).

Sadly, knowledge was actually discouraged and considered something worldly. If anything, professionals in their chosen fields are asked to set aside their sound, time-tested methods and principles in exchange for their pastors “anointed” but baseless instructions. Consequently our churches are full of financial illiterates. The only prosperity they teach is inspiring people to give. In most cases, people in the pews remain poor despite all their giving and all the promises made to them.

Even after my salvation, the Christian books I was reading did not really help financially. In most cases, some of those books actually discouraged me from learning more about the laws of money. Ultimately, the impression I was left with is that you should only read the Bible and books by Christian authors if you are a good Christian. For this reason, millions of people, like I used to be, are locked up in the church prison of financial ignorance while praying for financial breakthrough.

Other Principles
1. On our own, we need to study the experiences of those who are wealthy on one hand and balance it with the knowledge of the laws of God on the other hand.
2. University graduate + Financial Intelligence + Wisdom of God + Leading of the Holy Spirit = a developed true leader (not just a servant).
3. We cannot read the Bible alone to know the laws of money. To think that way is to deny that God has already given the knowledge to some. We need to learn from them!
4. If the church must preach kingdom prosperity, some basic topics must be in focus. If we do not teach the principles of wealth creation, we do not have the right to ask people to give us what they don’t have.

1. Salary (i.e. You Work and You’re Paid): The challenge here usually is that you sacrifice you time in the process. And a wrong mindset about money can be formed. (e.g. “I’m getting richer when my salary increases”, etc.)
2. Small (& Medium-Sized) Business: Most people here also trade time for money.
3. Big Business (or Entrepreneurship): In the long-run, the business can become an asset. Requires leadership and courage in the short term.
4. Honorariums (or Royalties): Writers, speakers, journalists, scientists, and artists usually make money via this avenue.
5. Investments (Rent from Real Estate, Dividends from Shares, Bonds, Treasury Bills): This is the income that sets free!

Hints to Recognizing Your Calling
1. Look Inwards: Gen. 1:12 affirms that everything that God created has seed within itself. The abilities and talents that can make you great already lie within you. Look closely.
2. Your Passion and Interests: Think about the things you like that give you satisfaction. What do you love to do so much that you can even do it for free?
3. Serving Others: What Do You Have to Offer? God has allowed you to accumulate experiences in the course of your life. Perhaps you can offer the world the priceless experiences of your mistakes.

The reason a lot is said about your calling and gifts is because finance is given in exchange for something. This is the best way to financial fulfillment: When you know what you can offer the world in exchange for their money. Your best product is to sell to the world your gifts and abilities.

Hence it is crucial that we all know what we do best, and as we offer it out even for free, not looking for money, we will discover that , nevertheless, money will find us out.

Buy passive-income-generating assets/investments. Once your investment is yielding, your money is said to be working for you. And once your income from investments is more than your expenses, you’re free financially.

Freedom To Serve God
I discovered that money does make a difference in the life of a believer. In fact, money has the ability to set you free to do the work of the ministry. If you are spending most of your life in a time-consuming job, when will you afford the time to fulfill your calling or explore your God-given talents? However, if you are making money work for you, then you have the time and opportunity to work [fulltime] for God.

There are people in our church who are financially free and now able to serve the needs of the kingdom of God.

Hope this review blessed you like it blessed me and helping me generate results in my life. This is only a review. Kindly get the book for deeper understanding and the remaining chapters.
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