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1. “Your ultimate financial goal is NOT Financial Security
Your ultimate financial goal should be “Financial Freedom”
(Your financial aim should not be to rise up through the ranks in your company but to be “free”. Financial Security is a direction to become poor! Your desire financially should be to get to a point where your “passive income” is more than your living expenses per month).
» Financial Freedom = Passive Income > Expenses

2. Many things you think are assets are NOT!
(“Assets produce passive income. Finish!” And there are only 5 classes of assets—Real Estate, Automated Businesses, Paper Assets, Intellectual Properties and Network Marketing).

3. How much you earn is NOT important!
(What’s important is how much is LEFT after you’ve removed your expenses from how much you earn. This amount that is left (called Monthly Cash Flow) is literally your ticket to financial freedom).

4. Money, Hardwork, and Savings are NOT the key to freedom!
(The key to financial freedom is Financial Intelligence. Money doesn’t make anybody rich, financial intelligence does. Physical labor will only wear you out. And savings (without continuous yield) is in a direction of loss). The key is financial intelligence

5. Economics is NOT all true!
(Economics studies scarcity, Financial Freedom is about abundance. The very “thinking” of scarcity, creates more scarcity. Think abundance. Think “Wealth Creation”, not “Poverty Reduction”). The key is there’s abundance!

6. Savers are NOT better than debtors!
(The key is not “saving”, the key is “INVESTING”. Savings is an expense. Except you convert your savings into securities or assets, it is still in the direction of loss. N10m saved 5 years ago is not worth the same N10m today. Ensure your “savings” is yielding for you WHILE YOU’RE STILL SAVING). Get an Escrow Account

7. Your greatest problems are NOT your enemies!
(Your greatest problem is your inability to say “No” to unnecessary demands around you. Usually, it’s your friends— Scripture says, “As wealth increases in your hand, those who will eat the wealth will also increase!” Eccl. 5:11, aka Parkinson’s Law). Money is discipline!

8. You canNOT achieve financial freedom without a map!
(Everything is created twice—first in your mind (or in the spirit), then in reality. But the second creation canNOT happen without the first. Many are struggling to experience a future they have not first seen/created on paper. How sad. Get a workbook, set your 5-year financial goal. Keep track monthly…until you achieved it!)

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